Price Policy

We make every effort to maintain prices for the duration of a catalog, but we reserve the right to make price adjustments in response to manufacturers’ price increases or extraordinary circumstances. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you have tried a product and it is defective or does not perform satisfactorily, we will provide credit, exchange or refund. To arrange for a return, simply call or e-mail our customer service department at 1-877-587-3368, or – or contact your field consultant.

KTR DENTAL, Inc. and Customer agree that the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth shall govern the relationship between KTR DENTAL and the Customer. Customer acknowledges and accepts all such terms and conditions by placing an order for goods with KTR DENTAL, and upon the Customer’s receipt of KTR DENTAL's invoice enclosed with items delivered to Customer, or upon Customer’s receipt of KTR DENTAL's credit memorandum or statement, whichever occurs first.

Choose Your Payment Method:

Reduce the cost and administration of paying KTR DENTAL—Pay Credit Card or set up AutoPay. Please call Customer Service for details. For your convenience, we provide several payment alternatives. Orders billed to your account may be paid by Check or if you prefer, you may use your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card when placing your order. All sales are subject to our normal terms and conditions.

All sales are subject to credit approval. Invoices are payable within agreed terms of sale.

Open Accounts Receivable:
All unpaid accounts receivable past due are subject to a 1.5% finance charge.

Points, Gifts, or Other Special Awards Program:
Participating in a promotional discount program (e.g., points, gifts or other special awards) is only acceptable if your practice does not bill any federal health care programs (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare) for dental or pharmaceutical services, and, by participation, you agree that to your knowledge neither your practice nor your patients are reimbursed by such programs for such services.