Content: 24 Polishers

10 powerful green MiniCup Removers for fast removal and contouring, 10 versatile red MiniCup Smoothers for smoothing and silky shine, 4 diamond-filled violet MiniCup Shiners for ultra-high shine


Polishette are highly agile mini shaped polishers. They feature tapered shanks and allow for superior precision. Polishette produce outstanding results on all composites and hybrid-ceramics. The mini shaped polishers come in 3 different colors for different polishing tasks. Select the one that best suites your polishing needs or use them in sequence.

  • Removers - For fast removal and contouring - Features green colored MiniCups and MiniPoints. Powerful coarse-gritted polishers for exceptional abrasive performance. Removes excessive material faster than most conventional plishers. Perfect for forming the final shape during restoration. Eaasily refine the margins: quickly eliminate sharp transitions from restoration to enamel. Blend abrupt irregularities on the restoration surface.

  • Smoothers - For Smoothing and silky shine - Features red colored MiniCups and MiniPoints. Enables the removal of scratches and surface defects that are created by finishing instruments, or for use after using the green removers. Creates a beautifully smooth surface with a silky gloss. Ideal solution for polishing restorations in a single step when a ultra-high shine is not quite necessary. Perfect for preparation of rough surfaces in aesthetic areas for subsequent high luster polishing with Shiners.

  • Shiners - For ultra-high gloss - Features violet colored miniCups and MiniPoints. Allows you to achieve a sensationally high shine in a matter of seconds. REcommended for the sue on all restorations that require a highly aesthetic finish. Shiners should be applied on defect-free restoration surfaces. Use smoothers before if you need to correct surface defects.

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Polishette Cup Mix - PS715X.024

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